The Hidden Gems Awards 2017 - Terms and Conditions


  1. Entry Criteria - the awards are open to any person, group or establishment making a contribution to Marlow and its surrounding area.
  2. The awards will be chosen from the most popular nominations taken on the web site from Monday August 14th until midnight Saturday 7th October.
  3. Once nominations are closed, the awards committee will draw up a shortlist of 4 (maximum) entrants in each category; These will be published at

The following awards will be decided by a public vote:

  • Pub of the Year
  • Best Café of the Year
  • Best Community Event
  • Arts Event of the Year
  • Sports Team of the Year
  • Best Customer Experience
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Best Dining Experience

The following awards will be decided by the Awards Comittee:

  • Services to the Community
  • Services to Charity
  • Special Recognition Award
  • Neighbour of the Year
  1. Marlow FM accepts no responsibility for any error, omission or loss relating to any entry, nomination, or voting, or for unauthorised access to or use of any entry or voting data. We reserve the right not to make an award in any given category.
  2. Winners will be presented at the Marlow FM Awards Night held in November. Tickets will be announced on
  3. The judges (Marlow FM Awards Committee) decision is final and Marlow FM will not enter into any correspondence concerning the awards.


  1. Marlow FM directors, members of the awards committee and their immediate families are not eligible for nomination for any award.
  2. For an event or achievement to be valid it must be between 1st August 2016 and 31st July 2017, companies nominated need to be trading within this period.
  3. You may nominate someone / an organisation / an establishment for an award by entering the following information:
    • The Nominee's name, contact number and email address, where known.
    • Proposer name, contact number and email address.
    • Your relationship to the Nominee
    • A description in support of the Nominee
    Nominations will only be considered if we have all the relevant information.


  1. Votes are restricted to one per voter, for each category open for voting.
  2. Votes can be cast using the form available on
  3. A valid Email address is required to vote.
  4. Voters will receive an Email response thanking them for their vote, then two further Emails with details about the award ceremony.
  5. Voters Email addresses will not be retained (or used for marketing purposes) once the awards are complete.
  6. The awards committee reserve the right or amend or disqualify in the case of voting irregularities.
  7. Closing date for votes is midnight on Tuesday 31st October.