Serving The Community

The purpose of a community radio station should be to provide a professional-sounding service, but one which reflects the local area it broadcasts in by providing ultra-local content about events, groups, local culture, traffic, weather and so on that isn't being broadcast by commercial radio operators. The Marlow community, men women and children, young and old alike, will help shape that content on Marlow FM 97.5 and ensure that it is relevant, significant and entertaining.

All community radio stations should offer some basic level of presenter training if only to ensure that the output is of a reasonable standard, although the argument about radio skills boosting people's confidence and self-esteem is also highly relevant. Marlow FM 97.5 will provide an extensive and quality training program and intends to draw upon the many talents and resources of local people including Marlow school students.

Training will be geared towards allowing members of the community, whatever their walk of life, to express their creativity over the radio in as professional a manner as possible. Any training would of necessity include skills, amongst many others, necessary to be able to successfully research, present and market. All of these are transportable skills, and exactly those needed in order to secure any job, be it in media or elsewhere.

There is a lot of potential in the concept of community radio; there is definitely a need for something "different" as commercial radio has maybe 'lost its way' in recent years, and moan all you like about paying an annual licence fee; it's worth it just for the range and quality of output from BBC Radio stations. But the BBC local radio service is under threat with the need for the corporation to save money, so the advent of community radio stations could be the salvation for truly local radio.