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The Buzz is your local view on business.

Unlike the national news The Buzz on Marlow FM is all about the good things that are happening in business. It goes out every week day afternoon from 2:00-3:30pm and is hosted by business owners who invite experts in different areas of business into the studio to chat.

Each show has a different vibe but all are committed to the importance of business in a way that is hopefully enjoyable and fulfilling.


Monday: David Knowles-Leak
Tuesday: Sue Turner
Wednesday: Sam Sethi
Thursday: Mike Duckett & Mark Harris,
Friday: Stacia Keogh


  • Michael Agate
  • Carla Delaney
  • Mike Duckett
  • Melissa Gale
  • Mark Harris
  • Stacia Keogh
  • David Knowles-Leak
  • Sam Sethi
  • Sue Turner
  • Jean Wolfe