Cool Yule. Researched, compiled and presented by John Brotherton


John is an old university friend of Paul Mansell's; they shared a flat as long haired students (now sadly both seriously follicly challenged!) and also a love of music. They both booked many fine singers and bands as student union entertainment officers at Wolves Uni, and whilst Paul ended up 'way down South' John moved just a few miles 'down the road' to Birmingham.

John has spent much of his spare time in recent years collecting an amazing array of alternative seasonal and Christmas songs and music. Around 200 hours (about 10 days worth) is just the material he's put together for these annual radio programmes; his total Christmas collection is closer to 700 hours (a whole 24/7 month's worth). If you despair of hearing all the 'same old same old' every year, then fear not. Cool Yule will entertain, inform and oft times both amuse and bemuse you with an extraordinary selection of tunes 12.00-2.00pm every Saturday leading up to and over Christmas.

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