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Watt Next? All Things Being Eco

Marlow FM's weekly Environment Show

Charting an alternative way forward, within our beautiful Marlow community, towards a future that's bright and green.  Consuming less, sharing more, enjoying life!

If you are into "all things bright and eco-full" this is your show.

The Watt Next show is Marlow FM's flagship green issues and resourceful futures programme, brought to you every Monday night - 7.30pm to 9.30pm - by Marlow FM's Environment Editor, Dave Hampton.

Join Dave for a fun and informative evening - he features some mighty fine music too. The Watt Next show has listeners from Manhattan to Mombai, as well as Marlow.

Dave Hampton with Greg Searle

Recent VIP *local* guests include local Olympians Naomi Riches, Greg Searle, Willi Moore (cycling), Prof Greg Whyte (modern pentathlon) and Robin Williams, coach of the first ever GB Women to win Gold; Heston Blumenthal, Colin Baker (Doctor Who), Liz Mackean (BBC Newsnight),  Neil May, Justin Whelan (chimney sweep), Dermot Fitzpatrick, John Yeatman, Steve Cohen (Editor of Bucks Free Press), Jocelyn Towns, (Mayor of Marlow) and Cllr Kathy Thomson, Andy Rackstraw and Mark Wright (Saddle Safari), Mary Nonde, plus Julia, Cathy, Liz, Olivia, Lauren and Justin of Transition Town Marlow. 

RECENT VIP *global* guests have included Michael Mansfield QC, Barrister Polly Higgins, Satish Kumar, Nobel Prize nominee Aubrey Meyer, Rob Hopkins founder of Transition Town movement, Mark Whitby, Pam Warhurst (Incredible Edible Todmorden), Lidija Mavra (SockMob), Johan Van As, Neil Crofts, Rebecca Caroe, Donnachadh McCarthy, Lucy Gilliam, 'Grand Designs' exec produce Fiona Caldwell, Lucy Siegle (The Observer), Ben Brangwyn, Penney Poyser, Trudy Thompson, Pascale Scheurer, Sue Hampton, Rachel Papworth, Dan Hill, Suzy Edwards (Embercombe), Mike Zeidler, Howard Johns, Mandi Perkins, Mel Strickland,  'Just Do It' film producer Emily James, and activist Marina Pepper.  

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Dave Hampton

Tonight on the first #WattNextShow of 2018: "It's all about the little steps" - is our theme : WALKING - and how when each of us actually takes (not talks) those small first steps, we end up with one giant magic leap for Earth! First special guest is Naomi Faulkner daughter of Vanessa Faulkner second year student at Exeter University reading Maths: talking climate change, why it matters so much, and what we can do. And making a very beautiful wish. c750pm we'll be joined by The Coach Tessa Guy of In Mind in Body and we'll be talking about overcoming blockages to (not just) exercise - but ALL those other things that we know we want to do more of some day "one day" e.g. walking. Finally a sneak peak preview of my interview with Rebecca Whittaker about Healing Gongs and consciousness rising.

Mon, 8 Jan 17:38