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Mid Morning Matters

Mid Morning Matters

Mid Morning Matters is a programme hosted by a wide variety of dynamic presenters.

There are lively discussions on current and relevant issues, all in a relaxed, unhurried and unbiased way.

Programmes are themed and you can join in the discussion at any time by calling or emailing the studio.

Interviews are interspersed with great music so make yourself a coffee, put your feet up and take some time out!

  • Monday : Food and Dining
  • Tuesday : Health and Fitness
  • Wednesday : Interesting people with Interesting Lives!
  • Thursday : Lifestyle
  • Friday : Books and Family Matters, and the Outdoor Life.


  • Christina Bachini
  • June Bailey
  • Clare Bones
  • Rhiannon Bowen Evans
  • Richard Burfitt
  • Pat Capp
  • Carla Delaney
  • Jay Dodson
  • Vicky Everitt
  • Diarmaid Fitzpatrick
  • Mary Flavelle
  • Melissa Gale
  • Sonia Grimes
  • Jill Hickey
  • Vanessa Hoddle
  • Pauline Howe-Davies
  • Susan Ing-Simmons
  • John McGee
  • Malcolm Parr
  • Serena Spencer-Jones
  • donna thacker
  • Sheila Wilson
  • vanessa woolley
  • Chris Zaremba


Chris Zaremba

Its going to be a busy morning on Mid Morning Matters on Tuesday (24th), hosted by Chris Zaremba. First up, from 09:30, its local author David Palin talking about his latest project, hitting the bookstores right now. Then its Hannah and Olivia from Get Fit Bucks from 1000 talking about their latest initiatives to keep the county fit and healthy. Finally at 11:00 is trauma therapist Alexandra Smith, coming in to discuss emotional and support issues. Plus my girl-about-Marlow Kelly Richardson will be around for most of the morning, contributing in her own imitable style! That's all between 0930 and 1200 on Tuesday (24th) here on MarlowFM 97.5.

Fri, 20 Jul 09:27