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Mid Morning Matters

Mid Morning Matters

Mid Morning Matters is a programme hosted by a wide variety of dynamic presenters.

There are lively discussions on current and relevant issues, all in a relaxed, unhurried and unbiased way.

Programmes are themed and you can join in the discussion at any time by calling or emailing the studio.

Interviews are interspersed with great music so make yourself a coffee, put your feet up and take some time out!

  • Monday : Food and Dining
  • Tuesday : Health and Fitness
  • Wednesday : Interesting people with Interesting Lives!
  • Thursday : Lifestyle
  • Friday : Books and Family Matters, and the Outdoor Life.


  • Christina Bachini
  • June Bailey
  • Clare Bones
  • Rhiannon Bowen Evans
  • Pat Capp
  • Maria Clarkson
  • Carla Delaney
  • Jay Dodson
  • Vicky Everitt
  • Dermot Fitzpatrick
  • Mary Flavelle
  • christine hayes
  • Jill Hickey
  • Pauline Howe-Davies
  • Abi Morris
  • Serena Spencer-Jones
  • donna thacker
  • Sheila Wilson
  • vanessa woolley
  • Chris Zaremba


Chris Zaremba

Join me on Tuesday morning (19th) on MarlowFM 97.5 for Mid-Morning Matters when I will have a couple of very special guests. My first guest is Fauzia Rahman. She is organising a Philosophy and Literature Festival in Gerrards Cross this Saturday. The philosophy is inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, and she will be talking about the therapeutic benefits of philosophy. She has some amazing insights on the subject. Fauzia will be helping listeners jump through a number of mental hoops in pursuit of questions such as the nature of personal identity, causation, time and meaning. Fascinating stuff, and I expect to learn a lot ? I hope you do too! My second guest is Matthew Lovett. Matt, along with his business partner Ross Gray, runs APS Fitness - a locally based centre of expertise specialising in health and fitness advice and training for people in Marlow, Maidenhead and the surrounding area. With their own training gym, Matt and Rory have amassed a huge base of health and fitness knowledge and they are keen to help as many people as possible achieve their health and fitness goals, whatever shape they are in. Matt will be giving general fitness advice covering all aspects of nutrition, lifestyle and exercise. We will also be looking at some of the latest trends in health and fitness and Matt will be giving his views on how relevant and useful they are. Both Fauzia and Matt welcome your participation by phone, text and email - whether for general topics or thoughts related to your own particular situation. Call us during the show on 01628 488975 or email That's between 09:30 and 12:00 on Tuesday?s Mid-Morning Matters on MarlowFM. Listen locally on FM 97.5, or anywhere using smartphone apps like TuneIn Radio or selecting the Listen Live button on

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