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Mid Morning Matters

Mid Morning Matters

Mid Morning Matters is a programme hosted by a wide variety of dynamic presenters.

There are lively discussions on current and relevant issues, all in a relaxed, unhurried and unbiased way.

Programmes are themed and you can join in the discussion at any time by calling or emailing the studio.

Interviews are interspersed with great music so make yourself a coffee, put your feet up and take some time out!

  • Monday : Food and Dining
  • Tuesday : Health and Fitness
  • Wednesday : Interesting people with Interesting Lives!
  • Thursday : Lifestyle
  • Friday : Books and Family Matters, and the Outdoor Life.


  • Christina Bachini
  • June Bailey
  • Clare Bones
  • Rhiannon Bowen Evans
  • Richard Burfitt
  • Pat Capp
  • Carla Delaney
  • Jay Dodson
  • Vicky Everitt
  • Diarmaid Fitzpatrick
  • Mary Flavelle
  • Melissa Gale
  • Sonia Grimes
  • Jill Hickey
  • Vanessa Hoddle
  • Pauline Howe-Davies
  • Susan Ing-Simmons
  • John McGee
  • Malcolm Parr
  • Serena Spencer-Jones
  • donna thacker
  • Sheila Wilson
  • vanessa woolley
  • Chris Zaremba


Chris Zaremba

Join Chris Zaremba on Tuesday morning (11th September) for Mid-Morning Matters. Chris has four very special guests this week: But first, from 09:30, Chris will be looking at the latest health and fitness news, and anything he has found that he thinks will be of interest to you in South Bucks and North Berks. From 10:00 until 11:00 the studio guests will be Hannah and Olivia from Live Well Stay Well. This is a free NHS health improvement service for adults in Buckinghamshire. It brings together local lifestyle and wellbeing services, and offers a referral service for those seeking one-to-one support for making lifestyle improvements or managing a long-term condition. Even small changes in lifestyle can improve your long-term health - Live Well Stay Well offers you the opportunity to get started. From 11:00 until 12:00, Chris will be talking about the health of business, and how sales and marketing can be improved for businesses both large and small. The guest is Mike White, an expert in the field and the author of Can Sell, Will Sell. We will also be joined or various bits of the morning by Hilary Mullen, bringing her own unique perspective on matters both health and business related. She is sure to have some of her own questions for Olivia, Hannah and Mike. All the guests welcome your participation by phone, text and email. Call during the show on 01628 488 975 or text 07900 975 975 or email Add in some of the best music from the 70?s right up to today, and that is all between 09:30 and 12:00 with Chris Zaremba on Tuesday Mid-Morning Matters here on MarlowFM. Listen locally on FM 97.5, or anywhere in the UK using smartphone apps like TuneIn Radio, or anywhere worldwide by selecting the Listen Live button on Or just tell your listening device to ?Play MarlowFM?.

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