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Faith Matters

Faith Matters

FaithMatters – it really does!

The show aims to inspire, uplift, encourage and entertain through music, interviews, discussions, real-life stories and the words of Jesus himself. 

Each week we look at what’s happening across churches, in our own community and worldwide, what’s in the news and who is making the news, focusing on some of those ethical and moral dilemmas we all face every day. Our studio guests include speakers from Christian charities, Church groups and the many people who are quietly doing so much good in our community - and they may just encourage you to join in!

We don’t just play gospel – it has been said that rock musicians make great prophets so expect a wide range of music with a message!

And at the end of a long day, tune in and we will finish the show with peaceful music and motivational words.

If you are interested in joining us get in touch! You can also join in the programme via the usual routes!


  • Vicky Everitt
  • Pat Reading
  • Jonquil Ruffell
  • John Rumble
  • Sheila Wilson