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Swing That Music

Marlow FM's Jazz & Blues show goes out every Sunday night between 6 and 8pm presented by Michael Eagleton. Most of the music played comes from his extensive personal record collection. He's of the opinion that a jazz show on a local radio station shouldn't be too 'specialist' and should be entertaining to a casual audience as well as to dedicated jazz lovers. Thus all of his content is easily accessible and fairly lightweight, the emphasis being on both swing and melody, plus plenty of vocals.

Michael's own personal favourites are Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Art Pepper, Charlie Parker and any of the Big Bands. He's run the Marlow Jazz Club for 36 years and as a result counts many of the world's top jazzmen amongst his friends. Recordings from The Club are sometimes featured with the musicians' permission, and there's always news of other local gigs. Also a fan of classic comedy, Michael usually finds room for a 'Fun Spot' in the show.

If you've never got to grips with jazz or the blues, tune in one Sunday night and you might be in for a life-changing experience!


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Michael Eagleton

Marlow Jazz Club's CD of the Gary Potter Hot Club Quartet (Brilliant guitarist!) was recorded in December a few years back and had a Christmas flavour. With the Festive Season approaching it seems appropriate to play a few tracks from that as our "Concert Section".

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